Oral and Dental Health Tourism

Oral and Dental Health Tourism

Today, in solving health problems, people are searching for the best treatment method and price options apart from the physicians in their own countries. As a result of these researches, trips called “Oral and Dental Health Tourism” are made in the country or abroad for both vacation and treatment purposes. This Oral and Dental Health Tourism is a trip that includes medical services, touristic facilities, health and relaxation needs, and is organized with the aim of eliminating the person’s health problem.


Oral and Dental Health Tourism is traveling to different countries or cities only for treatment purposes. During this journey, round-trip, experiences and activities during the stay are included in the scope of health tourism. It is a part of health tourism that the individual participating in health tourism is treated by professional dentists in order to treat a disease in their teeth, and their participation in different activities during the rest of the treatments. With the development of new treatment methods in the field of dentistry together with the developing technology in Turkey, reliability and reasonable treatment prices, most dental problems can be solved with health tourism in the country.

Turkey’s Place in Oral and Dental Health Tourism

The treatment processes of implant, prosthesis or all other dental disorders of patients with dental disease coming from abroad should be planned according to the duration of their stay in Turkey. If there is a problem in dental treatments in our country, the treatment should be done again.

Turkey is among the top 7 countries in the world in terms of resource richness and potential. Therefore, it is among the first countries that come to mind in terms of Health Tourism. Ensuring that patients coming from abroad for treatment are familiar with accommodation and touristic places plays a major role in this Health Tourism.

Treatment Process

The first step for treatment is to send the panoramic x-ray you have taken in your country or city to the address where you will be treated via internet or cargo.

With the examination of the panoramic x-ray you have sent, your x-ray will be examined, examinations will be made and treatment planning will be made for you. While this planning is being done, you will be contacted and you will be informed about the duration of the treatment and the cost of the treatment.

The appointment date will be determined after the meeting to be held after the completion of the planning. (Having the tooth extraction and fillings in the x-ray you sent done in the city or country you live in will shorten your treatment process in the place where you go for health tourism purposes.)

Triple bridge-crown treatments take a maximum of 1 week. Implant treatment consists of two stages. The first stage of implant treatment is the placement of the implant, which will take two days. The next step is to complete the bone formation in the implant and prepare the superstructure. Thus, the implant treatment will be terminated for a period of about 3 months.

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