Our services

Implant Treatment

Implant treatment is a treatment applied to the patient in single, partial or total tooth deficiencies.

Root Canal Treatment

It covers the problems that occur in the dental nerves and the correction of the damages in the surrounding tissues.

Gum Treatment

Treatment methods of gum disease that occurs due to reasons such as nutrition, vitamin deficiency, inadequate dental care.

Teeth whitening

In the teeth whitening process, which is an aesthetic need, the color is changed by 45 tones according to the tooth structure and color.

Aesthetic Dentistry

It is an aesthetic working method that will make your smile beautiful according to the jaw, mouth and tooth structure.

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is the treatment area of parts such as teeth, tongue, cheeks in the mouth and jaw structure.


The mouth, teeth and jaw developments of babies and children are followed up to the smallest details.


Orthodontic treatments are applied to treat disorders of teeth, jaw and oral structure.


It is applied in cases that affect oral health, such as tooth loss and damage to oral tissues.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a condition that we usually encounter after feeding and when we wake up in the morning.

General Dental Care

Complete oral and dental care includes not only tartar cleaning, but also a general oral and dental cleaning.